Welcome To J-Tail Border Collies, below you will find what some of the new puppy owners have to say about there new puppies along with their experiences dealing with J-Tail Border Collies.   Please feel free to ask for numbers for references!


Try to put a few on here from time to time, love getting updates on our puppies and seeing how they have grown and the love they receive from their new families. 5/9/17

Hey guys! About a year ago I got my dog Hiro from you who is a puppy from Diesel and Porche’s litter born on March 3, 2016.

I came to you guys searching for a service dog prospect and I wanted to give you an update on how much I love my JTail BC!

Hiro has been living with me at college as a service dog in training and he is doing excellent. Over the winter I had him enrolled in a board and train program, which he excelled in. Hiro is so smart and loving and full of personality. I’m never disappointed in him. I remember when Seth gave me a ball to go home with him and he told me how much he loves them. The trainers I worked with were amazed with how much he loved the interaction that the ball gave to people. This was when they told me that the drive to work and please people is what will make him an amazing service dog.

Hiro is a fantastic dog. I’ve never had any sort of behavioral issue with him whatsoever. You guys did a really great job of socializing him as a puppy. He loves his crate, he loves car rides, he loves people, dogs, cats, kids. You name it…Now he and I do field work on the side and hes outstanding at it! He loves to run and spend time outside like he was bred to do. He really is a great working dog.Right now hes a little over a year old and we just started public access training in stores other than lowes and home depot. He amazes me everytime with how well behaved he is. He also impresses everyone around him, too. He learned his tasks and obedience very quickly and never lets me down.

I’m so thankful that you allowed me to get him from you guys. He’s full of personality and love and I couldn’t be happier. I really hope I can get another amazing dog in years to come.
-Sarah F.

Well its a new year and figured I should post another recent testimonial:

01/27/16 One year ago, I got a message that “the j-tail puppies had arrived”!! It had been 18 months since Casey passed and we were ready. I went to J-Tails every Saturday (thank…for so graciously allowing me to invade week after week) and was beside myself waiting to bring her home. Hard to imagine my Itty-Bitty border collie Maya is one year old today!! What love a puppy can bring to a home!!


10/1/15( just a few of the many when i think to post here a few time out of the year) (I’m happy if your happy!,I do this out of love for border collies, period!)

Hi Seth,

Jax is fitting perfectly, he sits, comes, know walk, treat and lay down…knows his name. He’s awesome. Oh and no chat. Sleeps in our bed and stays in kitchen when not home. Goes through doggy door..potty trained. Thank you for him.

So good Seth!! Paige is such a sweet garland she loves everyone and every dog, and is obsessed with big brother! Thank you for such an asewsme pup!


OK! Well it has been almost a year since posting updates here, and although I get so many positive messages it makes us feel good here at Jtail and will start sharing a few again.

We got this little fluff ball from you early this fall and I have to say she is perfect in every way! She is super smart and full of personality! Thank you for breeding such wonderful dogs!



This is Einstein,(name suits him very well)..by far the best dog I ever had…so smart and loyal and he is a huge frisbee dog..at 5 months old now he is a pro at catching the frisbee and only getting better and stronger..not to mention he is a very spoiled dog as well..I would like to thank J-Tails for an awesome job..and I’m thinking of another one soon and I know just who to call..need a Border Collie????…J-Tails is the place…here is a pic of our spoiled dog…lays on this chair for 40 minutes at a time,then he will swim,lol
Cannot picture our day without him..thank you J-Tails.



Hi Seth, Duncan did great on our trip home. He slept the whole way(4 hours) with only one rest stop. He also slept the entire night, He had a great Vet checkup today, and is in perfect health. Our “animal pack”, so far, has accepted  him and it appears they are babysiting him. Thank you for the most wonderful puppy!


My son has talked nonstop about picking up his puppy. That would be General Woofington. This is the weekend!!! Thank you so much for keeping him for this extended time so Ian could come on school vacation week. The entire extended family is so excited for a new puppy to love. I was raised on a dairy farm with a border collie and was always impressed with her intelligence when it came to herding the cows. Thank you again for your kindness and rest assured that General Woofington will get tons of love and attention! We will post pictures for you!!


Hi Seth!

Just wanted to give you an update on how the girls are doing.

Seth, Our New Puppy is doing Fabulous. .We Love him dearly. We puchased the Male from you last Tuesday, and we named him Einstein. He is living up to his name..very smart…you did a fantastic job with him..already crying to go outside. .i am definitely going to recommend you to anyone looking for a border collie. Don and I thank you and if you need a reference please use us..here is Einstein in the park

LisaMarie Celentano-Pedalino's photo.
Mattie, the gold and white, and Jesse, the black and white, learned their names right away.  They know what the words ‘out’, ‘NO’ and the funniest of all ‘puppy treats’!  I asked one time if they wanted puppy treats and they immediately stopped their wrestling and came running to me.  Ever since then, whatever they are doing, they come running at ‘puppy treats’.  For the most part I’ve only had to say ‘no’ one time to them and they stop.  The unfortunate thing is, they find something new that causes the word ‘no’ to be used!   They learned their leashes very quickly and I’ve had no resistance at all.  I think we have the potty command almost licked but of course, there are still a few accidents.  They are real cuddle bunnies.  If one is in my lap the other vies to be there too.  They fight over the same toy even though there are hundreds to choose from, even bones!  Mattie is the barker and Jesse is the growler, so when they play and get rather rough, Jesse tries to demonstrate her bossiness, even though she is smaller.  You know – the Bantie rooster syndrome!  Mattie barks at her I think more to aggravate her! They romp and play and are so happy!  I have crates for each of them where they take naps and sleep at night. (Until they are housebroken, that’s where they will be at night.  Then they’ll be sleeping in bed with me!)  They completely accept that and have become rather possessive of their ‘beds’.  They are so sweet and loving!
So, I hope you feel proud of these sweet little girls and tell their mommies that they are doing just fine!
Take care and thanks again!


Hi Seth!
Here’s an updated picture of Sweet Clayton and his big brother Chase.   As you can see, he is thriving and doing quite well!
We are super in love with him.  To say he’s the smartest dog we’ve had is an understatement.  He doesn’t forget a thing.

His first week with us, it was his last pee break of the night..  around 11:30 …Andrew pointed out a big old frog to him.
He watched it closely while it hop-hop-hopped under one of the cars. The next morning.. 5:30ish..he walked out, when straight to the car (there
Were 4 parked in the driveway that morning)  but he went right to where he last saw the frog…  and started to look for it.  And they say dogs
Don’t have memory..   don’t tell me!

Thanks again!  Hope the new litter of pups are doing well…  all adopted I hope!  You raise wonderful dogs…  I look forward to my next from you!

Have a great week!

4/19/2014 Hi Seth,

Here are some recent pictures of Mackenzie.  She is doing great-growing quickly and already 25 pounds.  She is such a sweet puppy and so smart too.  I have been taking Mackenzie to puppy kindergarten class and she is learning all of the skills very quickly.  Mackenzie loves to play soccer, and she also loves to run through the yard at top speed and jumps over anything that gets in her way.  I think she will excel in agility.  I’m planning to take her to agility classes later in the summer.  We think she’s the best puppy!  Thanks for the great job you did with her before she came to live with us.  Mackenzie sends her love!

Best wishes,

4/13/2014 Just a quick update…We are crazy in love with Clayton! He is the sweetest puppy  I’ve ever had! He didn’t make a sound on the way home AND slept  thru the night till 6 AM. He hasn’t had one accident! He runs to the side door every time he has to go out! Just like you said, he stays right by our side when we are walking the property.  Last night he went in his crate at 10:30, at 4 AM he was barking to go out. Andrew took him out, he peed, pooped came back in and played like a crazy boy  for 10-15 minutes then back in his crate. He didn’t make a sound until  6:15. Perfect Pup! We could not be happier!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!! He’s perfect! We love him so much!! I’ll give him special kisses from his first mom.  You did a great job training him! Never got a puppy pre-trained before either! Great Job!



Kaia is more then I expected. You guys did a great job with her in the 8 weeks you had her! I definitely picked the right breeder!



Hi Seth,
Macie is doing well! She traveled home much better than we anticipated since it was such a long trip. She stayed on our laps the majority of the time and then jumped in the back at will to play with her toys. She had a few family visitors last night and enjoyed all of the attention. Our other dogs and Macie are getting along okay. I expect their relationships to improve more each day. She slept all night (in our bed) with no accident! She has captured our hearts and are so thankful for you and Seth and the love you have for your (our) dogs. I will send pictures soon.
Sherry and Glen



You are so wonderful – thank you for sending pictures on a weekly basis. She looks so healthy and happy. I loved the video you sent yesterday as well.
Looking forward to having her in my life. Thanks again for everything you do,


Chuck says hello to you. He is an incredible puppy. I learned him a few commands: sit, paw, fetch and come to me when I call his name. Chuck sleeps in a kitchen and never potty on the floors during a whole night. For two-month puppy it’s unbelievable. Finally, Phil and Chuck became buddies.:)

Best, Alex and Chuck


1-24-14 Hi Seth,    Dasher is doing great!  He  sure has gotten used to his new home now!  He runs around the house after the older two dogs and really keeps them on their toes!  He also just loves the snow! Thank you so much for helping to bring him into our home. You seem to do a fantastic job raising the pups. Sorry for the delay in response, my computer time sure is limited now…lol   We also have decided to name him Ozzy!  It sure was quite a debate over that!  I will send some pictures soon.

Thanks again.


Hi Seth,

Thanks so much for checking in. We have decided to go with the name Whistler for Cupid, and he is doing great.  He spent his first night with me and my sister’s family in Reading and had a great time playing with their two dogs. He was a little timid at first but he slowly warmed up and was playing with them later in the day.   I started him with his crate the first day and he really seemed to take to it really well.  A little crying at first, but he quickly settled down. He spent most of his first evening in there with a couple of bathroom breaks outside and he really seemed to do pretty well – I got a much better night sleep than I expected!

Yesterday, we did the drive home to Springfield, Virginia and he did very well. It is about a 3.5 hour drive, so I stopped a couple times for him to stretch his legs and use the bathroom.  For most of this ride, he slept quietly in his crate in the back seat.  He spent most of yesterday getting to know my wife, Rebecca, our older border collie, Chance.  We spent some time in the back yard throwing around some tennis balls.  Whistler really likes to pick up branches.   Whistler and Chance seem to be getting along very well too.  Chance is an older dog so we don’t typically have a lot of toys for him – he really liked Whistler’s toys and Whistler didn’t seem to mind.

His first night here in Virginia went well too – very similar to the first night. He is upstairs resting right now in his crate and he is going to get to make his first trip to our veterinarian later this morning.

My wife really likes Whistler too.  She is excited to take him to some training and obedience classes at the local PETSMART and also planning to use their doggy daycare for him once he is old enough.  I’ll have to let you know how that goes.  I’m sure he’ll love being able to get some good playtime with other dogs there too.

Thanks again for checking in. We’re really excited to add Whistler to our family.




Hi Seth,
Thanks for checking in.  Mackenzie is doing great.  She and my Lhasa mix, Chloe have become good friends.  They play with toys together and chase each other around the house.  When they finish playing they lay by the fireplace together -so cute!   Mackenzie slept through the night last night – she only cried for a few minutes when I turned out he lights, and then she stopped and went to sleep.  The potty training is going very well.  She goes right away when I take her out.  Today she even went to the door once on her own when she had to go out.           
Mackenzie is such a happy, sweet puppy and very smart.  We love her!  I’ll keep you updated.
Take care,


1-13-14 Hi Seth!,
Buddy is loving life.  He is fitting in wonderfully. He slept most of the way with his head on my leg. When he got home my older Border Collie Lee took right to him. She passed him the tennis ball with her feet and he chased it and sort of brought it back.  Lee even shared her dog treat with Buddy which surprised me and didn’t complain when Buddy tried to get into her food bowl. He even fell asleep against Lee for a while–adorable. They love the rope toy that you gave us!  Thanks!!  Lots of tail wagging from both of them and smiles from us.  Gave him a bath and he fell asleep in front of the wood stove. A happy puppy! Spoiled already!   He’s scheduled for the Vet tomorrow at 4:30.  I took a couple of quick pictures which I’ll send by cell phone.  Thanks for everything! Nice meeting both of you yesterday and I’ll continue to give you updates and send pictures.



Hi Seth:  Thanks for checking in.  Minnie is doing great.  She’s taken to Gelato and her new surroundings and she’s integrating quite well here.  She’s a lot of fun.  She slept soundly the first night and is very happy.  She jumped on the sofa a few minutes ago to be next to Gelato.  I’ll send some photos shortly. .



Hi Seth!! It was great meeting you. Frito had a good day, he played some ate good.. I’m very impressed at his age how well he did his first day with us going out to potty!! Thank you for the wonderful puppy, he is just a love-bug!! Have a great rest of the weekend!!!!

Hi ,

Thank you so much for your email!
I agree, I think they look more like Dodger than their mom.  Jackson is so big, it’s hard to believe he was so small just a few months ago.  Cody is very perky and has a tremendous amount of energy, whereas Jackson is more low key, but clearly the alpha dog in most situations!  Cody loves to get lots of attention and loving and even gets jealous when you give Jackson more attention than he thinks he deserves!  It’s actually quite funny to see the two very different personalities.  We love them both for their uniqueness.  We love to watch them play with eachother outside when they don’t know we’re watching them.  They have so much fun with eachother and so much fun with us too, which is great.  In the beginning, I wasn’t sure if they would bond with us because they had eachother, but it’s all really worked out to be a wonderful situation.  We really had to work at being with them separately when we first brought them home so that they would get to know us too.  It’s definitely paid off.
They love watching over their land each morning.  They sit perched at the top of the hill that overlooks the acreage below.  It reminds us so much of our previous dog, Dexter.  I guess it’s in the nature of the border collie to enjoy doing this.  They’re so much fun, it’s truly changed all of our lives in such a great way.  Even my family that visited us during Christmas really enjoyed being around the dogs, especially my mom.
We’ll keep you posted on the doggies and continue to send pictures.  I’m wondering if they’re going to keep growing!!
Happy New Year and we’ll talk to you soon.
Love, Carol
Greetings to you Seth!

This little puppy is just amazing!  With all the activity and good food, Sienna slept through the night!!  Today I just run with her out in the sun about every fifteen minutes, and when we’re inside, she has the run of the house.  She is a very happy dog.  She loves looking over the valley.  She is so tiny for all the brain activity going on. She loves staying close to me, and she comes when I call her if she is ten feet away.

Many thanks, Betsey
What a marvelous puppy!  She really runs up and down the drive….just next to my boots.  Maybe you’ve been training her. She even came when I called her name.   When she ran into the house, she found the water bowl within a minute.  She just ran around sniffing just about every little item she could.  Dickens was in a corner chewing on one of his bones acting as if he were not the slightest bit concerned, knowing he’s full of curiosity.  She ate a good dinner ….with great gusto.  Dickens came over and settled down a few inches away from her.  It was so dear.  I think he is just fascinated with her.  I know they will be best of friends.  ISienna is just beautiful.  She looks like she’s in charge of her new home. In the car on the way home, she never made a sound. Her mind is so busy with all the new information that there hasn’t been a moment to miss you, but I am sure that tomorrow she’ll be wondering where you are.  I would imagine that she would be lonely for you and  home. However,  I think that she’ll enjoy her new home here.  I am really happy that the two dogs really like each other so much.  Thanks again for meeting me.  Enjoy the peace and quiet. Sienna is a very dear addition to my life and my home.
 Appreciatively B.
Fizz is a great puppy! She’s already learning some tricks. She knows sit, come, and down. I highly recommend clicker training with your pup. Works really well, it’s very easy and is a great reinforcer along with a treat. All those tricks help keep her busy too! I’ve taken lots of pictures. Eventually I will post some!
Well, finally posting pictures. Fizz has been sleeping the whole night! She goes out around 11pm and sleeps until 6am. Here are some pics of her having fun and some adorable napping pictures!
Rossi did great on the ride home!  She slept a lot of the way.  We took he to a neighborhood picnic when we got home.  She was a huge hit and really loved being social.  She slept great too!  Up once then right back to sleep.  She is such a sweet puppy. 🙂
Hi Seth,
Zaha is great! I may be a bit biased but we think she is the greatest puppy ever. She is so sweet and loving and we love her to death already.
 She does sleep through the night and is an early riser. She loves her morning and evening walks (she got used to  the leash quickly!) and everyone is getting to know her in the neighborhood. We did take her to the vet yesterday and everything is fine.   I cannot believe how smart she is. She is almost potty trained (accidents are happening less in the house and she knows to go outside now. She just has to tell us when she has to go now!)  and she accomplished “sit” last night.
I will send some pictures along.  Thank you again for everything. You gave us the greatest puppy ever and we cannot thank you enough
After  searching for a very long time for the perfect Border Collie, I am very pleased to have found JtailBorder Collies!  From the moment I met the dogs and the puppies I fell in love. 🙂 I could tell right away that these dogs/puppies are very well cared for and given lots of love! The puppies and the dogs are very well socialized and friendly.  I had been to see other Border Collies in the past and some of the puppies in these places acted very shy and timid, It was very sad to see. In fact the puppies wouldn’t even look me in the eye. The Jtail puppies were the complete opposite. Alll the puppies ended up covering both me and my daughter’s face in kisses. The hardest decision was choosing which puppy to add to our family!  I can not wait to pick up my puppy in a few weeks and bring her to her forever home!
I could not have asked for a better puppy!! Sasha is the absolute best!! Vey intelligent! Her first night home she went right to sleep and I didn’t hear a peep out of her until the morning. 🙂 I fall more and more in love with her everyday!
 Seth….. I absolutely love the website and think that the  dogs are beautiful.  I think it is great that the dogs are being raised  in such a natural, healthy environment with such care by you guys.  Good luck with the organic veggies.  Our organic tomatoes were overtaken by  some nasty insects, namely stinkbugs and leaf-footed insects. I wish you well and Good Job!
Dealing with Jtailbordercollies in the weeks prior to picking up my puppy has been an absolute pleasure.  I recieved updates and pictures of  Max on a regular  basis letting me know about his progress and see his growth! They are very professional yet friendly, It is obvious that they take pride in what they are doing and truly love there dogs. I would recommend anyone to Jtailbordercollies.  Thank you Thank you Thank You!! I couldn’t be happier.:)