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picture time!




                                puppy playpen

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Beautiful border collie puppy pictures from here in north east; in the heartland of Lancaster PA of past & current jtail border collies. Trained and training cute tri colored black and white , red, sable, blue merle and gold border collie puppies and dogs. Great dogs and puppies for working farms with sheep and cattle as well as agility and performance events, shows, news, photographs all here in the heartland of our Lancaster county kennel. Genetic, pedigrees, good health, reputable breeder and if I cannot help, I may be able to point you to a breeder near me with a list directory. North east family raised border collie puppies born in our house! Border collies are the most popular for many reasons, so feel free to ask any questions you may have about this wonderful working breed. Registered with ABCA & AKC for the farm or companion. We love out border collie puppies. Colors greatly vary from gold, red, lilac, chocolate, sable blue merle and of course black and whites and although some may be more uncommon in your area none are rare. We have parents tested to help assure our puppies for sale are healthy now and later. The puppies and dogs here on this page are not available, please take a look at the available puppy page and or check us out on facebook at J-Tail border collies. Thanks for taking the time to visit.

Breeder of purebred, registered ABCA & AKC border collie puppies from OFA (good or Excellent) & CEA normal parents (US & Imported)

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